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Product Application

2020-11-2028khz/35khz Gun Type Ultrasonic Spot Welder Machine
2020-11-2028khz/35khz/40khz portable sonic welders for plastic
2020-11-20500W/1000W handheld ultrasonic welder for plastics
2020-11-20300W/500W/800W ultrasonic spot welding machine
2020-11-2028khz/35khz/40khz ultrasonic spot welder machine
2020-11-1615khz/20khz Ultrasonic generator for earloop welding machine
2020-11-16Mask Ear Loop Welding For Ultrasonic Welding Generator
2020-11-1620K 2000W Ultrasonic Generator for mask earloop welding
2020-11-1620khz/40khz/2000W Ultrasonic Metal Welders generator
2020-11-16plastic parts ultrasonic Welding Generator 15khz/20khz
2020-11-1620khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator Transducer Horn booster
2020-11-1520khz ultrasonic welding vibration generator for plastic
2020-11-1520khz Digital Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welder generator
2020-11-1515khz Non-woven fabric Ultrasonic welding generator
2020-11-1520khz/2000W rubber cutting ultrasonic generator
2020-11-1520kHz/15khz/2000W Ultrasonic Welding Driving Power Supply
2020-11-15ultrasonic welding generator with transducer booster horn
2020-11-1528khz/35khz/40khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Generator
2020-11-1515khz/20khz ultrasonic plastic welding machine generator
2020-11-1515khz/20khz ultrasonic plastic welding generator
2020-11-1515khz/20khz/28khz/35khz/40khz ultrasonic welding generator
2020-11-152000W/2600W/3200W ultrasonic welding generator
2020-11-13low frequency ultrasonic cleaning generator 25khz/28khz
2020-11-1380khz/100khz high frequency ultrasonic wave generator
2020-11-13high frequency ultrasonic generator for industrial cleaning

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Enterprise Strength

In 2006,with the mission of "making entrepreneurship more convenient and innovation simpler",after more than ten years of service practice and professional accumulation,pulisonic ultrasonic outstanding brand was founded.

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Service in good faith to exchange for your trust and support, mutual benefit, create a win-win situation! Our company is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create the future together!

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It receives thousands of customers every year, and provides ultrasonic and piezoelectric product solutions to help customers solve various problems easily.

Sales Team

At present, the company's business has spread over Asia, North America, South Africa, Africa, Europe and other regions. In recent years, we have steadily promoted foreign development and made breakthrough development.

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The company has a number of graduate and doctoral experts, a sound technical research and development force and a mature after-sales service team.
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  • 202020-11

    28khz/35khz Gun Type Ultrasonic Spot Welder Machine

    Ultrasonic spot welder There is no need for flux and external heating, no deformation due to heating, no residual stress, and the requirement of surface pretreatment is not high. Not only similar metals, but also dissimilar metals can be we...
  • 202020-11

    28khz/35khz/40khz portable sonic welders for plastic

    Ultrasonic spot welder performance: 1. The design of the machine is compact and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient. 2. It can be used for welding plane, inner ear belt / outer ear belt, cup type mask, duck beak type and ot...
  • 202020-11

    500W/1000W handheld ultrasonic welder for plastics

    Ultrasonic spot welder machine is widely used in clothing industry, trademark industry, automobile industry, plastic electronic industry, household goods industry, etc. Clothing industry: underwear sewing process, ribbon elastic band weldin...
  • 202020-11

    300W/500W/800W ultrasonic spot welding machine

    Ultrasonic spot welder can be used for butt welding of thermoplastic plastics, and can also be used for riveting, spot welding, embedding, cutting and other processing technologies according to customer requirements. Compared with other trad...
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